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"Katy is a sensitive and empathic animal communicator who has a deep passion to be of service in bringing the awareness of animal communication to people in all walks of life. Her communication ability is clear, heartfelt, and precise, and she brings her background, skills, and strong personal integrity to her work in facilitating greater understanding and healing between species. I have loved working with Katy in my Professional Animal Communication Training program, and it is a joy to recommend her and her work."

Nancy Windheart https://nancywindheart.com/


"Katy is a wonderfully talented animal communicator. I have been really grateful to be able to mentor part of her animal communication journey and in that time, she has worked with many of my own animal family in various situations. She is always kind, professional, courteous and spot-on accurate with the communication she receives. She has a deep passion for heartfelt service to animals and humans alike. She has been trained and mentored over several years in animal communication by myself and some other very experienced animal communicators. I would have no hesitation to ask for her help communicating with my own animal family and could easily recommend her communication services to anyone."

George Wright https://www.wildvoices.com.au/