‘To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders’
Lao Tzu

We are all animal communicators. Many people discount their intuitive abilities as something else, but the next time you think ‘ Oh! I must go and feed the horses’ and look and it is indeed their tea time don’t discount the possibility that they were asking you for their tea!

We know that everything is energy. We are all made up of exactly the same thing as everything else. All energy is existing at its own unique signature frequency. If we can stop our thinking mind it is entirely possible to connect with another being on their frequency.

I understand that this seems impossible, but it is no more impossible that talking to someone the other side of the world on a phone. If you have the right number you can call them.

If you can meet the animal on their level then you can communicate with them.

I find that it is actually much more complete to connect with an animal than most humans. We rely on the spoken language for so much of our communication whereas to have a conversation with an animal you can really use all of your senses. They will share pictures, physical feelings, emotions, tastes , smells all along side words.

By connecting with our animal friends in this way we are giving them the opportunity to be heard.

Because of this animal communication can help with a whole range of situations; in fact I am yet to come across one where communication would not help.

How I work

I can connect with your animal friend by using a photograph or in person ( 40 miles from Marlborough, Wiltshire).

I then act as a direct translator for your animal. You can ask them anything! Bear in mind though that just because we can talk with the animals does not mean that they will necessarily do what you want. We can all talk to our fellow human beings but there are still issues between us.

For the duration of your session you may take the conversation wherever you would like it to go. I find that it is better to work like this, as opposed to having a list of questions before hand. Often the answer to one question will influence what your next question is.

It is not beneficial for you to ask me to ask your animal friend something that you know the answer to. I do not work with a test question for this reason. I trust that you will know that I have connected with your animal by the first impressions that they share with me.

I will send you a link, to join our session using Zoom. It will be recorded and I will send you this so you do not have to worry about remembering everything or taking notes.

I charge £75 for a distance communication from a photograph and £100 plus mileage for an in-person communication.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me.

Useful Media and Links

Interview on radio : https://www.mixcloud.com/4legsradio/this-week-with-penny-14th-august-2020/

Story : https://pennypost.org.uk/2020/08/silver-haze/
This was written the day after I had visited Brian and his family. He had never come across animal communication before hand, so whilst I am sure this is nothing to do with me, it is none the less a good story!

Nancys blog : https://nancywindheart.com/how-science-and-intuition-can-work-together/

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