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Katy is a sensitive and empathic animal communicator who has a deep passion to be of service in bringing the awareness of animal communication to people in all walks of life. Her communication ability is clear, heartfelt, and precise, and she brings her background, skills, and strong personal integrity to her work in facilitating greater understanding and healing between species. I have loved working with Katy in my Professional Animal Communication Training program, and it is a joy to recommend her and her work.
Katy is a wonderfully talented animal communicator. I have been really grateful to be able to mentor part of her animal communication journey and in that time, she has worked with many of my own animal family in various situations. She is always kind, professional, courteous and spot-on accurate with the communication she receives. She has a deep passion for heartfelt service to animals and humans alike. She has been trained and mentored over several years in animal communication by myself and some other very experienced animal communicators. I would have no hesitation to ask for her help communicating with my own animal family and could easily recommend her communication services to anyone.
I really hope that I can do Katy Justice here. Katy is one of those people you meet who radiates being genuine and kind. The most important thing I wanted to say was how Katy and me met which I find quite extraordinary. Someone contacted me about a crow, as they always do because I run a wild bird sanctuary. As soon as I saw the photo I felt like I recognised the bird and I have always been really close to animals, and always rescued them, even when I was a child. Having been with crows for a long time you get to recognise their faces and their personalities. I had no idea where she was so I asked her whereabouts are you and it turned out that she was just over the hill from the sanctuary, and it turned out that the crow was Nunin, and she was one of mine . I was away at the time on holiday. Nunin was communicating with Katy in a way that was very unlike her. I know this bird very well, she was very close to me, not so close to my partner, we had a great relationship. She slowly wilded up ( she had been imprinted as a young bird) and became free flying as she is today. But she pinpointed Katy’s window when she became lost one day. She would not have done this with a stranger. We do this all the time with crows, and I know that she simply would not go to anyone they don’t know. The fact that Katy asked Nunin if she needed help, then Nunin happily went into her house is unheard of. I knew then that Katy was special, just didn’t have a clue to the extent really! Nunin came back to me and that is how we met, but I still believe that Nunin was on a mission. She definitely knew that she could trust Nunin, and maybe that we should meet, who knows but it was very bizarre. I was very sceptical about the whole animal communication thing, I’ll be honest. I am a realist and try to keep my feet on the ground , working with animals but there have always been moments where I have felt theres something else. They just communicate in a different way. I have always trusted this and gone with my gut feeling. I was curious to know more, and the fact that I run a wild bird sanctuary I wanted to make sure that I was communicating with the birds in the best way possible. Katy was training when we met, and she asked if I had an animal that she could do a case study on. I chose my beloved crow, who I had for many years, and was very very special to me. All she wanted was a photograph. I deliberately gave her a picture of a crow sitting on a branch in the woods. There was absolutely no sign of him being domesticated. Also, he was 80% blind, but there was no way of knowing this at all. From this photo you had no idea, or wouldn’t have even guessed that he had any issues at all. He was sitting on a branch, with the forest in the background. I deliberately did this I guess, to put her off! I sent the photo and within minutes her response was ‘ Oh, he is blind and he says he is an ambassador’. That was peculiar and she had my attention. We agreed to meet together to do the session. His name was Bocelli. He passed away last year. Bocelli and me had a really incredible bond, I have never had a bond like that with a  bird. I had him since he was a baby, he slept on my nightstand and came everywhere with me. One thing that sticks in my mind is that Katy said ‘ he says he likes parties!’. Now I am very careful, running a sanctuary that people done think you are exploiting the animals , but what Bocelli did, as he was so close to me, was when it was one of my nieces or nephews birthday parties he would come along and be really sociable! He did love them. He also came along to talks that I did, about corvids, and I always introduced him as the ‘ ambassador for crows’. He really changed peoples minds about crows. He came to family parties and sat with the children. He enjoyed this so much! For Katy to come out with something like that, I mean there is no way you could know. Even my volunteer had no idea that he came to family parties. It was impossible! So that really made me laugh, but it also blew my mind. The fact that Katy had straight away said ‘ he says he is an ambassador ‘ is just amazing. The more we chatted with him, the more emotional it was for me. I felt that he was right there. The last thing that was so so touching, and I will never forget it as long as I live was when Katy said that Bocelli really loved my hair. When we had time together, just us, he always played with my hair. He went from root to tip running it through his beak. It was something he loved, I think it was a sensory thing for him. It relaxed him and it was our special thing together. This bit of our chat with Bocelli was the absolute realisation that there is something we are missing as humans when we communicate with animals. That was just me and him time, it was our special way that we were together and nobody in the world knew it. So I think if anyone really wants to know their animal , really truly and deeply then Katy is the person to get in touch with. She is comfortable to be around. She is a very grounded person, and is so reassuring. To people who are cynical I would say I have witnessed it myself, first hand  and it is the missing link. I highly highly recommend Katy and her work, I think she is going to be very busy. I also want to thank Katy from the bottom of my heart as she has changed the way I run my rescue and how I live my life. Thankyou Katy! Aimee Wallis, Berkshire, U.K. Founder and manager of Corvid Dawn
Katy was recommended to me by a very good friend who herself is not particularly into this sort of animal communication.  However my children and myself are, and all my daughter asked when her pony of 8 years was heading to a new home in Ireland was that I could ask the animal communicator lady to come and visit so she could talk to Dolly about the move.  It was obviously a very hard thing for us to let Dolly go as she had been amazing for us and had become part of the family.  It was a great comfort to my daughter Katie (and to brother Thomas), to be able to communicate with Dolly via Katy.  One thing that was particularly striking for me was that Dolly related how needy the pony is that Katie is now riding and shared a field with Dolly for the last 6 months of so.  Through Katy she said he was very needy and Katie would have more time for him now.  I had never really thought of this pony as ‘needy’ but only this week I sent him to world class event rider Laura Collett for some extra training to help iron out a few problems with him and Laura’s comments were how she felt the pony had got himself into a state and how he likes a lot of reassurance when he’s doing things right.  Katy didn’t know Dolly or any of our other ponies and it was uncanny how her comments and communication felt very accurate.  I had asked Katy before she arrived if she needed to know anything about where the pony was going etc, but she just wanted to visit with a blank canvas so nothing was put into her head and she could communicate directly with the pony.  Would I use Katy again, YES!
I bought home Dolly in June 2020 having known her since she was born (2013) and been by her side during her very successful showing career, she was bred by a great friend and mentor of mine. Just to set the scene Dolly had a happy life at a small but v professional breeding kennels where the dogs really are part of the family and the youngsters spend time in the house and go puppy training every week. Dolly loved her life and the shows she was a star from the very first appearance, everyone adored her and she won almost every show she attended, this resulted in several breed records being broken and ultimately being crowned a champion at just 13 months old and the following week winning the best of breed at Crufts. Mind blowing for all of us but it really did blow Dolly’s brain and she struggled from then on with the show scene....the dark waiting area, the many men/stewards in black suits, the lights, the noise of the crowds had all taken a toll. Dolly was retired and to fast forward did live very happily in her own surroundings and had 2 litters during the following years. She always seemed very robust at home always up for a game, dominating most of the other dogs, but always in a playful but determined way! Dolly came home with me to my quiet country cottage on the edge of Lambourns rolling hills during lockdown, this gave me several weeks at home to settle her in. I have had boxers for over 25 years bred numerous litters and homed/rescued dogs, but never have I seen a boxer so far from its comfort zone, so afraid of its own shadow it took not weeks but months for her to begin to settle and this in part was helped by Katy meeting Dolly, recognising issues and offering to Talk to Dolly.  Sceptical yes, prepared to try anything that may help also yes and I was not disappointed. Katy was able to converse with Dolly in a way that could not be seen, but Dolly shared with her the issues and worries she had. This was ratified by the stories, colours, names and issues that Katy then relayed to me. Colours of things that had scared her and continued to be a concern, names of oter dogs at the kennels, who she felt had taken her place, fears around showing and having more puppies, details of her new home that were not known by Katy, details of the garden, the front door sticking, the picket fence....eye opening. I was then able to answer her concerns and assure her that she would never be shown again nor would she be having more puppies. A truly emotional, memorable moment was when I asked Katy to ask Dolly if she wanted to stay with me, Dolly was milling around us sniffing the grass in the paddock at the time, but she appeared to address this question by coming over to me and climbing on my knee nestling her head in my chest, it brings a tear to my eye every time. I cannot speak for Dolly but I do know that it helped me understand her and this in turn has definitely changed her life.....Dolly has gone from strength to strength and now lives calmly and contentedly although always close to my side she now accepts others into her space and is happy to make friends with other animals. A definite recommendation from me.
Katy is a wonderful animal communicator! She is grounded, clear, honest and present. With each communication session I witness, I am impressed with the level of detail and accuracy Katy provides. She is clearly right there with the animal and listening deeply. She is able to truly set herself aside and connect with each animal she works with. She is strikingly accurate and I trust the information she receives. She is a beautiful, unfiltered voice for the animals. She was able to instantly connect with my dog Hazel and provide clear and detailed information about her situation. I was impressed with her ability to understand Hazel’s perspective and clearly communicate it so that I could understand. It was wonderful to learn Hazel’s thoughts and feelings about our family and understand her past and how it affects her behavior today. I am able to see her in a new light and have empathy for behaviors I didn’t previously understand. Katy has helped me feel closer and more connected with my animal family! Katy is dedicated to being a powerful voice for the animals and truly wants to help people and animals understand each other. She has a huge heart and dearly loves all beings in this world. I know that she will help many creatures big and small for the rest of her life!
Katy is a lovely, very down to earth and genuine person. Meeting Katy has changed our worldview and our relationship with our animals. Since she communicated with our chickens they have not escaped from our garden and we understand their needs better. She also explained that our greedy cat is genuinely hungry a lot.
Katy is just amazing. Her passion via communication has helped me enormously in turn helping my animals too. There are two particular sessions which really stick in my mind. I had over a period of months been witnessing my horse become particularly sharp & spooky. A huge concern to me and also a danger. A few thoughts had crossed my mind was it his eyesight or did he need to retire. Thankfully no - Katy and my horse communicated and the result was spot on. I now have a better understanding and a reason for why my horse was acting the way he did. Hand on heart I can say that my horse is now more settled because I found out exactly what was bothering him. The bond Katy gains from her subjects is phenomenal and when Katy recites back to the owner she talks straight and you feel the weight of the issues you've experienced suddenly lift. The second session was with a tiny pony of mine. Again I knew something wasn't right but needed support in my theory. Katy came and spoke to my pony also the pony's mother. This link up has resulted in me tweaking my feeding regime. I'm now thrilled to say I now have two much happier healthier ponies so again I am delighted yet another resolve was achieved with Katy's help. I wouldn't use anyone else and cannot recommend Katy highly enough for any communicating issues you may require.
Harley and I would both like to thank you for the wonderful communication you did for us.  It has made us feel even closer if that is possible, being able to say those things to each other that only you made possible.  Harley and I were so impressed with how accurate you were with only a couple of very minor things not correct, but with everything else so spot on, that so didn't matter. I really will call on you again with Harley or maybe my duck next time just to see what he has to say for himself, he is a right character. We can't thank you enough Katy and have no doubt how much you will help people and animals in the future.
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